Steps for making mint tea

Mint tea is very good for health and it helps to main your health very healthy. green tea weight loss is the common question asked by many people. Everyone wants to have mint tea in cool and autumn weather condition. Mint is one of the excellent selections for a stimulating iced tea and it is consider as the best natural coolant. This mint tea is very delicious to have and this iced mint tea recipe is approximately as same as the method of hot peppermint tea. The ingredient for making ice mint tea is given below. The ingredients are two mint tea bags, 2 table spoon of dried mint loose-leaf tea, 2-4 stalks of mint leaves, 250ml fresh water and for taste you can add sugar, orange, honey or lemon.


First you have to rinse the mint leaves and crush bit of mint leaves with your hand. Then add the teabags, fresh leaves or loose-leaf tea on your cup. Cool the heated water slightly and then transfer it in your cup. For 3 to 5 minutes steep and cover the mint tea. Then from the cup remove the tea leaves or teabags. Then pour the prepared mint tea in ice glass. In case if you want to know another method for green tea weight loss then search in the online website of green tea weight loss Drying herbs and making mint tea from dried herbs is the most enjoyable one. In North America protecting food items lean to be canning or freezing. In order to preserve many foods drying is one of the best methods in all over the world. Drying makes the flavor to stay in the leaf and it also leaves nutrition in the leaf.


You have to pick up your leaves during your finest daytime. You have to spread all the mint leaves in screens and the screens should make from bamboo mats or window screens. In order to flow underneath allow the air and place it in a sheltered area with a luminosity breeze. Cut the branches of mint leaf and then pack the branches in small groups and then attach with string and place it in a breezy, shady area. You must avoid direct sun during the time of drying because direct sunlight will affect or burn the taste of mint tea. green tea weight loss is very easy process and it is healthy too.

Mint leaves are used not only for making tea but also it is used for making many different things. Mint syrup, mint rice, mint butter, mint cheese, mint chocolate and salads are the different items that you can make with the help of mint leaves. It can also be used as medicine. It helps to cure digestive problem, stomach problem, it act as sunburn reliever, hiccups and congestion. Mint rice is prepared by adding all the mint leaves in cooked rice. Mint butter is made by adding chopped mint leaves in butter and you can use this in boiled potatoes. A mint leaf is very healthy food.

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